A Crafty Christmas Present to Treasure

Both our children love craft activities, and they love little treasures, and storing them.  So, we decided that we would foster their love of crafts and treasures with a unique Christmas present for them both.

We have decided to put a heap of treasure type things together in a traditional bead box as a way to stimulate their creativity.  We have stuffed the boxes with things found from the bargain bin of our local craft store, and from raiding my own craft supplies.  Aided with a wee glue stick as well, we are both convinced that these will go down a treat on Christmas Day.  There is everything from rubber bands to cute little paperclips, stamps, glitter, old buttons and some feathers.
Tackle box filled with craft items for christmas

As we were putting it together it struck me that you could do a lot with this concept.  If your budget was tight or you wanted a more natural Steiner type box then you could fill the boxes with shells, stones, some interesting leaves, wood shavings etc.  Or you could add some rainbow rice, maybe even some small balls of play dough.
With this as a present you can really tailor it to your child’s loves whilst allowing them to have free rein with it once they get their little hands on it.  And as supplies run down you can either refill it as you need to, or you can encourage your child to use it as a treasure box for all those little things they find. I can’t wait to see their eyes on Christmas Day, I get the feeling that this will be one of those presents that they remember for a while!

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