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The Pledge to End Rape Culture

Pledge, with me today, to stop rape culture.

Copy this post, copy it to your Facebook page, your Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, anywhere you see fit.  Pledge to stop Rape Culture today.

Pledge your support by signing in and commenting on this post.  Copy the image, download it, use it as your Facebook profile.  Spread the word.

We need to stop rape culture, and we need to stop it now.

If you are in any doubt that rape culture is endemic, a pandemic and MUST be stopped, then educate yourself.  Here is a good place to start.
Pledge to end rape culture

Addendum, 6/11/13, I never thought I would have to utter the place names Steubenville and West Auckland in the same breath and mean similar things, I never thought that the place where I live could be a Steubenville.  But a Steubenville it was become.

So, it is with deep sadness and a lot of pain that I made this new meme today, this one, to honour the victims of the vile Roast Busters.

Pledge to end rape culture in NZ


Sign the pledge today:

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