Parenting for Social Justice begins with the premise that our parenting can make a real tangible difference in the world.

Through critically examining our privileges and helping our children to explore their privileges we enable a space for social justice to grow.

We examine all types of privileges on PS4J and believe that intersectional analysis of our lives is critical.

We begin from a basis of respectful parenting, and challenge childism. We consider the empirical evidence around parenting practises and whilst we might advocate certain practices we recognise that a person’s ability to enact some of these things will very much depend on their privilege and their ability to access resources and support.

One of the aims of this page is to stimulate critical thinking about “taken for granted” assumptions. Mostly these will be about parenting or social issues in some way shape or form. We are adamant that culture must be critically examined and we should not just accept what we see or hear.

We will challenge whatever privileges we and others have. We recognise the fact that we ourselves as admins are privileged and we apologise in advance if we make assumptions based on the sort of privileges with which we have been born. We will actively try and deconstruct that every single day, and as with everything it’s a work in progress.

We will warn you though, if you’re not prepared to examine and deconstruct your own privileges of gender, race, sexual orientation, place of birth, religion (or not), geographical location, mental health privilege then this page really is not for you.

This page is here to support other parents through their challenges to parent for social justice, we welcome all to that journey, it’s a hard one, but deeply fulfilling.


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